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Canon Powershot CCD Image Sensor Service Notice
Information including sample pictures of the CCD image sensor service notice (recall) for Canon Powershot digital cameras.

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Old Dented Canon SD110

Scratched Up Powershot

1000's of Pictures Taken

My trusty old Canon Powershot SD110 Digital Elph camera had been through a lot. The exterior case suffered plenty of wear and tear while capturing over 10,000 pictures. But it always worked reliably even with all those dents and scratches, until a few weeks ago.

The image on the LCD started appearing distorted with purple, magenta, green, pink and black streaks. When I copied the pictures from the SD memory card to my computer, the recorded pictures also had the same defects.

After searching the internet and checking the various photography forums that I frequent, I learned about the "Canon CCD Sensor Service Advisory".

Apparently what happened is that the vendor supplied CCD Image Sensors in some Canon digital camera and camcorders had faulty wiring that could become loose in hot & humid climates.


Worn Digital Elph Camera

Distorted Pictures

Black & Purple Images
The Canon Powershot digital camera models that are included in this "service notice" are the A60, A70, A75, A300, A310, S230, SD100, SD110, A40, A80, A85, A95, S1 IS, S60, S200, S330, S400, S410, and the S500. Some of the Canon digital camcorders are also included such as the MV600i, MV630i, MV650i, MV700i, MV730i, MV750i, MV5i, MV6i, ZR60, ZR65, ZR70, ZR80, ZR85, ZR90, Elura 40 and the Elura 50. If your camera is listed above and has the purple/black distortion on the LCD and recorded images you should contact the main Canon Service Center. Their toll free telephone number is 1-800-828-4040 or you can just email the support staff at the following address: CareCenter [AT]
Blacked Out & Purple Streaks
Defective Sensor & LCD
Loose CCD Connection
I emailed the Canon support staff at the address above and received a response in a few hours. They asked me to go through a troubleshooting process where I would load a memory card with known good images from another camera or my hard drive  into the camera to see if they would display properly. They appeared perfectly on the LCD while images taken with the SD110's CCD sensor appeared distorted both on the LCD and on my computer. I replied back with the results of the troubleshooting process, my information, and the camera's serial number. In just a few more hours, they emailed me back a pre-paid printable UPS shipping label, and a short PDF form that I had to complete. Then I wrapped up the SD110 in bubble wrap, put it in a small box with the Evaluation Request form and dropped it off at a UPS store near my house.
Canon-Digital-Camera-CCD-Recall-010 Canon-Digital-Camera-CCD-Recall-011 Canon-Digital-Camera-CCD-Recall-012
Since Sony is a major supplier of CCD image sensors, many other digital camera manufacturers were affected by the defect. They include Fuji Film, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Leica, Panasonic, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Ricoh, and of course Sony cameras as well. Just a note, this problem with the cameras isn't technically a "recall" since it doesn't pose a safety issue. The defective laptop batteries on the other hand did warrant an actual recall since they could possibly cause bodily harm.
Canon-Digital-Camera-CCD-Recall-013 Canon-Digital-Camera-CCD-Recall-014
Fed Ex Package From Canon
White Refurbished Box
By using the tracking # of the UPS package, I was able to see when my Powershot arrived at the service center in Elk Grove Village Illinois. Then I received an email from Canon Support with a repair number for my unit which I could use with their support website to track my camera's status. After about a week, I got an email informing me that the repair had been completed and they had shipped the camera via Federal Express 2 Day service.
Canon Powershot SD1000
Lack of Essential Parts
16 MB SD Memory Card
Sure enough, two days later the Fed Ex delivery person was at my door with a medium sized box. I had read on the forums that other people had sent in their S1, S2, SD100, or A70 and received newer refurbished models such as the S3 IS, SD600, or A700. I would have been happy just to have my back up camera in working order again but of course I was really hoping for a more advanced model in better condition.


Software CD & Manuals
New Camera Packaged
7.1 Megapixel SD1000
When I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had sent me a refurbished Canon Powershot SD1000 that appeared to be brand new in both appearance and operation. There was also a note from the service center explaining that due to a lack of essential components for my old discontinued camera, they have sent a new or factory reconditioned model of equal or greater value than the SD110.
Canon CB-2LV Charger
NB-4L Li-Ion Battery
Powershot Accessories
Also included in the box were a Canon CB-2LV charger, a NB-4L Li-Ion battery, a mini USB cable, an RCA audio/video cable, a 16 MB Secure Digital memory card, a software/driver cd, owner's manuals, and a black wrist strap. Everything that you would find in the retail box of any new Canon digital camera was accounted for in the refurbished box.
Back of SD1000
Front of SD1000
SD700IS Vs. SD1000
I was extremely happy with the prompt and efficient service that I received from the Canon support & service staff. Especially considering that they exchanged my dented & scratched old camera for a new (to me) unit with no questions asked all with no money out of my pocket. This whole experience has just added yet another reason to a long list of why I'll continue to stick with the Canon brand name when I need a new digital camera.
Camera Size Comparison
Thicker Vs. More Compact
Heavier Vs. Lighter
I couldn't resist taking a few size comparison pictures of my current pocket digicam, the SD700 IS, versus the slimmer SD1000. Even though the SD1000 is smaller and lighter than the SD700, I'll still take the latter out on more excursions due to the image stabilization feature. For more camera related information, check out my review of the Canon S5 IS & 430EX flash.

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