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Interactive Aquarium @ La Isla
Pictures From Our Trip To La Isla Shopping Mall & The Interactive Aquarium In Cancun Mexico

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Gulf Of Mexico Picture


Dolphin Tanks Walkway


Dolphins Swimming Picture


After visiting the hand washing station again to wash away the stingray slime, we continued our exploration of the Interactive Aquarium at La Isla Mall.

Once we past the stingray, shark, turtle, and starfish petting area we walked up some stairs and onto a long metal walkway that overlooked the Gulf of Mexico and the lagoon.

The other side of the walkway gave us a bird's eye view of a large swimming tank where two dolphins were playfully swimming around together.

I got a bit dizzy watching the dolphins swim around the tank over and over again at high speed so we kept on walking.

Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-22 Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-23 Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-24

    The Interactive Aquarium didn't have many guests during the Sunday afternoon that we visited. I'm guessing that was because it was Spring Break and less tourists were in the city compared to the last few years. At the entrance to the shark tank room were four large deep red Macaws. The Interactive Aquarium employee responsible for selling us pictures with the birds must have been on break.

Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-25 Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-26
Macaw Birds

Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-28 Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-29 Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-30

Before we walked into the shark tank room, we visited a dolphin that was practicing tricks in another tank with a professional handler. The handler had the dolphin bouncing a ball up out of the water over and over again. I got bored of that quickly, so we moved on to the shark tank room.

Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-31 Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-32 Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-33

I wasn't able to use the flash on my Canon Power SD110 Digital Elph camera, so the pictures of the sharks came out a bit blurry. The blur gives the shark pictures a bit of mystique and mystery, or maybe they just suck. Let's see you do better in an almost pitch black room with no flash or tripod.

Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-34 Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-35
Shark Tank Picture
Shark Species Guide Sign

If you view the last picture on this page you'll see that the tank contained the following creatures, the bull shark (tiburon toro), blacktip shark (tiburon puntas negras), lemon shark (tiburon limon), sandbar shark, black grouper (mero negro), green moray (morena verde), porcupine fish (pez globo erizo), jewfish (cherna), queen triggerfish (ballesta reina), and the gray triggerfish (ballesta gris).

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