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Bonnet House Museum & Gardens - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Pictures from a visit to the Bonnet House Museum & Gardens located at 900 N. Birch Rd. in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

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Micrathena "Crab Spider"
Bonnet House Slough
Swan Eating Algae
After showing our Fairchild AHS membership card to the person working inside the Bartlett's Landing Welcome Center, we picked up an information pamphlet and started our walking tour of the grounds in the fruit grove.
Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-043 Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-044
Palm Tree Over Lake
White Swan Swimming
Some of the other structures that were built here besides the main residence include the boat house, the Shell Museum Complex & Bamboo Bar, the Caretaker's Cottage & Museum Shop, the Pavilion, the Chickee Bridge, the Orchid Greenhouse, the Fountain, the Island Theater, Rosie's Palace, the Cadillac garage, the Orchid Lathe House, and the staff cottages.

Iguana Sun Basking
Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-047 Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-048
Iguana Eye Close Up Photo
Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-049 Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-050
Nictitating Membrane
If you look at the picture in the middle of the row above you'll see the green iguana's nictitating membrane, a.k.a. third eyelid, covering part of its eye. I took a few dozen pictures of this docile iguana while he basked in the sun next to the Bonnet House lake until I stepped on a twig which caused it to jump into the water.
Iguana Neck Dewlap
Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-053 Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-054
"Iguana Iguana" Species
Large Green Iguana
Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-056 Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-057
House of Refuge Sign
Garden Walkway
Brazilian Squirrel Monkey
Once we reached the part of the trail in between the water and the Island Theater we starting hearing the chirps and rustling of the Brazilian Squirrel monkeys that live in the trees here at the Bonnet House. If I remember correctly, one of the staff members explained that the monkeys took up residence on the land when they escaped from a nearby night club or restaurant when a fire occurred. I guess they were kept in cages as a gimmick to attract tourists to patronize the establishment. I really enjoyed photographing these playful animals and we spent about half an hour observing them.
Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-061 Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-062 Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-063

Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-064 Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-065 Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-066
Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-067 Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-068 Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-069
Monkey Face Close Up
Monkey In Tree Canopy
Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-071 Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-072
Orange / Yellow Fur
My newest digital camera, a Canon S5 IS, has a high quality video capture feature with stereo sound which I used to film the swans, Japanese Koi fish, and of course the monkeys. To see the movie clip that I put together click on the large blue link below. It is encoded in the WMV (Windows Media Video) format, runs about 3 minutes long, and has a file size of 29 mb.
Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-073 Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-074 Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-075
Bonnet House Video Clip - WMV Format, 29mb, 3 Minutes
Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-076 Bonnet-House-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-077
Monkey Feet On Tree
Balancing On Palm Frond

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