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Biscayne Lady Luxury Yacht Charter
Pictures & a review of the Biscayne Lady luxury yacht charter boat tour located at the Bayside docks in Miami Florida.

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Biscayne Lady Lounge Picture

I recently attended a business networking function that was held on the Biscayne Lady luxury yacht charter boat in Miami, FL.

The Biscayne Lady was docked at the Bayside Marketplace in Miami-Dade county behind the Hard Rock Cafe. A valet was present for the event but I was able to easily find a spot in the Bayside multi-story parking garage.

Austal, a luxury boat manufacturer created the Biscayne Lady and it features state of the art marine electronic equipment, audio visual capabilities, 3 large decks, and a catamaran twin hull design for smooth cruising.

Our night started off in the Grand Ballroom dining area where we served a delicious catered buffet created by the Biscayne Lady's onboard chef, Clifton Smith.

Biscayne Lady Cigar Roller

The Biscayne Lady hosts any type of social or corporate event including weddings, birthday parties, business functions, or any other type of event imaginable. For the business networking event that I attended the organizers had hired an expert Cuban cigar roller, from Cuba of course. He spent all night rolling cigar after cigar for all of the event attendees who wanted a stogie.

Biscayne-Lady-Yacht-Charter-05 Biscayne-Lady-Yacht-Charter-06
Biscayne-Lady-Yacht-Charter-07 Biscayne-Lady-Yacht-Charter-08
Biscayne-Lady-Yacht-Charter-09 Biscayne-Lady-Yacht-Charter-10
Biscayne-Lady-Yacht-Charter-11 Biscayne-Lady-Yacht-Charter-12
Miami Florida Skyline Picture
As we cruised along on the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of downtown Miami, we were treated to a spectacular view of the city's skyline. I was able to spot some of the most largest skyscraper buildings in downtown Miami such as the Bank of America building, and the Intercontinental Hotel.

Biscayne-Lady-Yacht-Charter-13 Biscayne-Lady-Yacht-Charter-14
Biscayne-Lady-Yacht-Charter-15 Biscayne-Lady-Yacht-Charter-16
Miami Skyscraper Building
Downtown Miami  At Night Picture
After a few hours, our tour of the Miami coastline on the Biscayne Lady was almost over and we began to head back to the Bayside Marketplace docks. On this specific night there had been a Miami Heat basketball game going on and it ended just as we approached the American Airlines Arena on Biscayne Blvd. The Miami Heat had won the game and we were treated to a great fireworks display.
Biscayne-Lady-Yacht-Charter-19 Biscayne-Lady-Yacht-Charter-20
Miami Heat Fireworks Display
Biscayne-Lady-Yacht-Charter-21 Biscayne-Lady-Yacht-Charter-22


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