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Cordoba Argentina Pictures
Photos from my vacation to the city of Cordoba, Argentina on the continent of South America.

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Holiday Inn Cordoba

During our two week trip to Argentina, we traveled from Buenos Aires to Villa Maria to visit my grandmother. T

hen we continued on to Cordoba to visit some other people.

The pictures on this page are from the days we spent in Cordoba, which is the second largest city in Argentina with over 1 million residents. The city is the capital of the Argentine province of Cordoba and is located at the center of the country near the Sierras Chicas mountains.

Some of the main attractions in Cordoba are the Patio Olmos shopping mall, the Ecipsa Tower office building, and the Cordoba Zoo.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Cordoba which I believe is a 3 or 4 star hotel. Either way it was really nice with clean rooms, soft beds, and nicely stocked mini bars.

Cordoba-Argentina-05 Cordoba-Argentina-06
Leon Gieco @ Chateau

The major barrios or districts of Cordoba are el Centro, Arguello, Ciudad Universitaria, Cerros De Las Rosas, Urca, and Nueva Cordoba.

Fray Fernando Trejo y Sanabria
Cordoba-Argentina-09 Cordoba-Argentina-10

During our visit we took a tour of the Cordoba University also known as La Universidad De Cordoba which was founded by Fray Fernando Trejo and Sanabria. The most well known part of the university is the Colegio Nacional De Monserrat. The Universidad Nacional De Cordoba is the oldest university in Argentina and was founded in 1610. In 1955 an astronomy observatory named Observatorio Nacional Argentino, was opened.

Cordoba-Argentina-11 Cordoba-Argentina-12 Cordoba-Argentina-13
Cordoba-Argentina-14 Cordoba-Argentina-15 Cordoba-Argentina-16
Universidad Nacional De Cordoba
La Universidad De Cordoba
Cordoba-Argentina-18 Cordoba-Argentina-19
Holiday Inn Poolside Phone
Rockefeller Bar Cordoba
Colegio Nacional De Monserrat
We ate lunch at the Rockefeller Bar in Cordoba which is close to the Patio Olmos shopping mall and the Ecipsa Tower office building. On our table there was a flyer for an open party at the Cordoba Golf Club Villa Allende.

Cordoba Horseman Statue
Cordoba-Argentina-24 Cordoba-Argentina-25
Cordoba Church Picture
Cordoba-Argentina-27 Cordoba-Argentina-28
Holiday Inn Beds
Holiday Inn Sink
Holiday Inn Pool @ Night
Cordoba-Argentina-32 Cordoba-Argentina-33
Holiday Inn Cordoba Hallway

After our few days in Cordoba, we checked out of the Holiday Inn, packed our stuff in the rented Renault van and headed back to Villa Maria to visit my grandmother again before we finished our trip in Buenos Aires.

Cordoba-Argentina-35   Cordoba-Argentina-36
Going Back To Villa Maria


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