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Carreras Nightclub - Cordoba Argentina
Pictures from my New Year's Eve celebration at the Carreras Discotheque outdoor night club in the city of Cordoba, Argentina.

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Our trip to Argentina began in December 2003 and ended in January 2004, so obviously we were there for New Year's Eve.

The son of one of my father's friends took me to a night club in Cordoba Argentina called Carreras to meet up with his friends and celebrate New Year's Eve.

The nightlife in Cordoba and in any Argentine city is quite lively with the partying starting after midnight and not ending until the sun rises.

Besides Carreras there are other clubs such as Factory, La Quema, La Osa Disco, Casa Babylon, Mitre, Sephia, Candem and Inferno.

Carreras had an exciting fireworks display at midnight to celebrate the coming of the new year.



Carreras-Discotheque-05 Carreras-Discotheque-06
Fireworks Display
Carreras-Discotheque-09 Carreras-Discotheque-10
Carreras Indoor Dance Floor

After the fireworks show, the DJ cranked up the music and all the Argentinean kids starting dancing again to a mixture of techno, electronica, and American pop music.

Carreras-Discotheque-11 Carreras-Discotheque-12
Carreras DJ Booth

Carreras-Discotheque-13 Carreras-Discotheque-14
Santa Claus On The Roof
As an American, I'm used to my nights out at the clubs ending by 2am, 3am, or 4 in the morning at the latest. The party animals in Cordoba Argentina were just starting to get ready to go out clubbing when young adults in the USA were heading home. It was a bit disconcerting for me to see the sun rising and a bead of sweat appeared on my forehead since the temperature began to escalate.
Carreras-Discotheque-17 Carreras-Discotheque-18
Carreras-Discotheque-19 Carreras-Discotheque-20
Carreras Gravel Dance Floor
Finally, at around 8am, we left the club and shared a taxi back into El Centro where I was dropped off at the Holiday Inn Cordoba hotel and the other people continued to their homes. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out like a light. It had been a very long day!
Carreras-Discotheque-21 Carreras-Discotheque-22
Carreras Dirt Parking Lot


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