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Buenos Aires Argentina
Pictures from my trip to Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, in South America.

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Plastic Wrapped Luggage
Buenos Aires Airport EZE
In December of 2003, my father, my brother and myself went on a trip to Argentina.

Since my father is originally from Argentina, we have family and friends in the cities of Buenos Aires, Cordoba & Villa Maria.

We left from the Miami International Airport (MIA) and flew on a Aerolineas Argentinas flight to the Buenos Aires International Airport (Ezeiza or EZE).

Our vacation in Argentina lasted for about two weeks from before Christmas to after New Year's Eve.

After leaving the airport we took a long taxi or (aka remis) ride to the Hotel Carlton, located at Libertad 1080, Capital Federal, BUENOS AIRES 1012.

Buenos-Aires-Argentina-004 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-005 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-006
The city of Buenos Aires is composed of 48 distinct neighborhoods or "barrios" which are then separated into 15 different "comunas."

The comunas are political or governmental divisions similar to the states or counties we have here in the USA.

The residents of Buenos Aires all refer to themselves as "portenos" but the major neighborhoods or comunas each have their own loyal life long residents.

The most well known neighborhoods are La Boca, Puerto Madero, San Telmo, Monserrat, Recoleta, Belgrano, and Palermo.

Buenos-Aires-Argentina-007 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-008
Hotel Carlton, Buenos Aires
Argentineans speak a dialect of Spanish called "castellano".

At the beginning of the 20th century, Argentina accepted several million immigrants from all across Europe but mostly from Spain and Italy.

My great grandfather was one of these immigrants who originated from Italy.

Buenos-Aires-Argentina-010 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-011 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-012
Patio Bullrich Mall

Some of the most well known tourist attractions in Buenos Aires for other Argentineans or foreign tourists are the Casa Rosada government building, the Colon Theater of Opera, Florida Street shopping center, the Recoleta Cemetary, the Biblioteca Nacional de la Republica Argentina libray, and the Malba Coleccion Constantini Latin American Art Musuem.

Buenos-Aires-Argentina-013 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-014 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-015
Buenos-Aires-Argentina-016 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-017 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-018
Buenos-Aires-Argentina-019 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-020 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-021
Malba Coleccion Constantini
Museo de Arte Latinoamericano
Unfortunately on this trip to Buenos Aires Argentina, we didn't get to stop at the Malba Coleccion Constantini Latin American Art Museum, but I did take a few pictures of the outside as we passed in a remis taxi.
Buenos-Aires-Argentina-025 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-026 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-027

Buenos-Aires-Argentina-028 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-029 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-030
Buenos-Aires-Argentina-031 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-032 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-033
Buenos-Aires-Argentina-034 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-035 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-036
Saladix Jamon Snacks
Buenos-Aires-Argentina-038 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-039
You're probably wondering why I took a picture of a box of crackers that were in my hotel room's mini bar.

I was amused by how everything seemed to be ham or "jamon" flavored.

During my visit to Argentina, I was served beef steaks covered with a piece of ham, coleslaw with chunks of ham mixed in, and all sorts of ham flavored snacks.

Buenos-Aires-Argentina-040 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-041
Av. Jujuy Once
For more detailed Buenos Aires destination information, tour reviews, restaurant opinions, shopping advice, side trips and South America traveler advice check out the Buenos Aires City Guide website.
HSBC Bank In Buenos Aires
Casa Rosada Palace
These last six pictures are from the Plaza De Mayo which is the the main square and political hub of Buenos Aires. The Plaza De Mayo has long been a focal point for the city and many politically driven demonstrations and protests have occurred in the square since the times of Peron in the 1940's.
Plaza De Mayo
Buenos-Aires-Argentina-047 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-048


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