Argentina Vacation Pictures

I just finished posting all of my pictures from Argentina on the site. On our trip to Argentina in South America, we visited the capital city of Buenos Aires, the city of Cordoba, Villa Maria, and Villa Carlos Paz.

Also included are my pictures from? the New Year’s Eve celebration at Carreras Night Club in Cordoba.

To see the pics click on the link below.

Argentina Pictures Main Menu

Argentina Vacation Pics Main Menu

HP iPAQ HX4700 PDA GPS Navigation

My job requires some traveling to customer’s homes in the South Florida area. I was tired of depending on Mapquest so I created a portable GPS navigation system.

I bought a HP iPAQ HX4700 PDA, a Garmin GPS 10 wireless Bluetooth receiver, and the iGuidance navigation software from iNav.

To see pictures of my setup and read a review of the HP iPAQ HX4700, click on the link below.

HP iPAQ HX4700 Review & GPS Navigation System

HP iPAQ PDA Review & GPS Navigation System Pictures

TiVo Hard Drive Upgrade Guide

Right after I got my new 40 hour TiVo DVR for $49.95 (after $150 rebate), I knew that I wanted to upgrade it with a big hard drive. I tossed in an $80 250GB drive and I now have 283 hours of recording time! 🙂

Of course, I took pictures and created a guide for the site. So if you’re thinking of upgrading your TiVo with a? new hard drive, check out my installation instructions.

TiVo Hard Drive Upgrade Guide With Pictures

TiVo Hard Drive Upgrade Swap With Pictures