Pictures and a guide from our experience taking care of orphaned "pinkie" baby grey squirrels.


I lined the shoe box with a soft old T-shirt and a few new shop towels for warmth. I read that it's best to avoid towels, or terry cloth
since the babies can get their little arms or legs wrapped up in the loops of the towels. If you don't have a heating pad it's possible
to also use a latex examination glove filled with hot water, or a hot water bottle to keep the babies warm. We used hot water bottles
wrapped in new red automotive shop cloths until we found a heating pad tucked away in a closet. If using a heating pad, put it under
only half of the box so that the squirrel babies can crawl to the cool side if they get too hot. You could also use tupperware, a cat
carrier or any other large enough box. A lid is necessary if the container isn't deep enough since the babies can easily crawl out of
the warm box and be found cold in a corner somewhere.



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