Pictures and a guide from our experience taking care of orphaned "pinkie" baby grey squirrels.

Esbilac Milk Replacer Formula For Puppies

Recommended by local wildlife rehabilitator for baby squirrels.

There seems to be some controversy as to what the best liquid meal is for
baby squirrels. We bought Esbilac since it was recommended by most of the
websites I had visited during my hours of online research. Some said that
"scalded whole milk" was the best while others said that this recipe was
nutritionally inadequate for growing baby squirrels. One site claimed that
only the Esbilac powder (or liquid if the powder is not available) was suitable.
The site said to avoid cow milk, human baby formula, Hertz Kitten Milk
formula, evaporated milk, or Mother's Helper formula. I knew we'd only be
taking care of these infants for 24-48 hours so I hoped the Esbilac would be
good enough for this short period of time. The babies seemed to gain strength
with each feeding so it must have been working.



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