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NSRA 2003 Motorcycle Show & Stunt Competition
 Pictures From The 2003 National Stunt Riding Association's Annual Stunt Show & Championships In Gainesville, FL

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As the day progressed it was easy to see which of the riders would be taking home a NSRA Championship trophy from the 2003 National Stunt Riding Association Championships held at the Gainesville Raceway drag strip track in Gainesville Florida.

The 1 gigabyte IBM micro drive in my Nikon D100 digital SLR was starting to run out of memory so I went to my car to download pictures to my Mtech 5600 laptop computer.

While I waited for the pictures from the compact flash memory card to download to my laptop, I saw that the parking had been packed with all sorts of motorcycles. Most of them were sportbike but I saw a few Harley Davidson hogs and some Buells.





By the time I downloaded all the pictures and made a quick back up CD-R, the sun had started to set. It became harder to take action shots at high shutter speeds since there was less available light. I was able to use my Nikon SB-80DX flash for a few shots, but only when the rider was going away from me. I didn't want to blind them and cause a spill.

Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-055 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-056 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-057
Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-058 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-059 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-060
For the some of the stunts I saw that the riders had either switched to a new bike with a flattened tank or just put on a new gas tank that was flattened. By taking a sledgehammer to their bike's metal tank they were able to create a flat surface that they could sit on or stand on for a variety of stunts. There's no way I would do that to my beautiful royal blue Yamaha YZF R6 gas tank.


Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-061 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-062 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-063
Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-064 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-065 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-066
No Hands Turn
Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-068 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-069

A very popular trick in the X-Treme Freestyle portion of the NSRA competition was the extended rolling stoppie or endo. Endo is more of a dirt bike term that is short for "end over end" or "endo". I've heard the term stoppie or "stoppy" used more frequently to describe sport bike motorcycle stunts.

Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-070 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-071
Extended Stoppie

After I had installed frame sliders, bar sliders, and a clutch cover protector on my 2000 Yamaha YZF R6, I went out to a parking lot to attempt some stoppies. I'll put those pictures up on the site sometime in the future. From reading on the internet and watching these guys at the NSRA show perform stoppies I was able to learn the basics. The important thing to remember is to lean forward with your arms held firm while you slowly bring the rear end of the bike in the air. If you let the rear tire continue spinning while you're in the air it looks cool and allows you to take off with a screech once the tail of the motorcycle lands on the ground.

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