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Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens - Delray Beach, FL
Pictures & visitor information from a trip to the Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens located in Palm Beach County Florida.

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Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-091 Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-092 Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-093

Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-094 Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-095 Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-096
Welcome To Roji-En
Chie No Wa Wisdom Ring
The Chie No Wa Wisdom Ring was a gift from the residents of Miyazu, which is the sister city of Delray Beach in Japan. It is a replica of a five hundred year old Japanese stone lantern that is located near a temple, which is dedicated to the Buddhist god of wisdom. "Wisdom Ring" is also the highest level of membership ($1,500) to the Morikami Museum & Gardens.
Northern Curly Tailed Lizard
Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-101 Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-102
There are a few pictures on this page of the Northern Curly Tailed lizard (Leiocephalus carinatus armouri) which can be found on Florida's Atlantic coast from the keys all the way up to Brevard county. There is documented evidence that 20 pairs of this non-native species was intentionally released into the Palm Beach area to help control an insect problem at a sugar cane farm. These lizards were originally from the Bahamas and other Caribbean islands. The Northern Curly Tail lizard has an especially strong foothold in Palm Beach county. I don't think I have ever seen one during all my years living in South Florida until I moved north from Broward county across the county line into southern Palm Beach county.
Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-103 Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-104 Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-105
Rabbit or Marsh Hare
Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-107 Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-108
In the picture above is a rabbit or more likely a Marsh Hare. I was unable to get a clear picture of the animal since it was hiding in a thick bush. But we have seen many of these Marsh Hares hopping around the nearby Wakodahatchee Wetlands.
Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-109 Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-110 Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-111
Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-112 Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-113 Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-114
Pink Flowers

Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-115 Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-116 Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-117
There were plenty of photogenic flowers in the Morikami Gardens but be sure to visit the nearby American Orchid Society to see their very impressive collection of rare orchids. The entrance to the "AOS" is located on the North side of Morikami Park Road just before the Morikami Museum & Gardens parking lot.
Light Blue Flowers
Wooden Bench
Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-121 Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-122 Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-123
Do Not Carve Bamboo
Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-125 Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-126
Self Guided Audio Tour Sign
Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-127 Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-128
Creaking Bamboo
Bamboo Trees

To hear the sounds and view the wildlife of the Morikami Gardens, watch my short video clip by clicking on the link below. The video runs about 2 minutes long, has a file size of 17 MB (megabytes) and is encoded in the Windows Media (WMV) format.

Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens Video Clip
Decorative Trash Container
Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-131 Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-132
Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-133 Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-134 Morikami-Museum-Japanese-Gardens-Delray-Beach-FL-135
Tree Canopy

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