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Pontiac Grand Prix Power Window Motor & Regulator Replacement Guide
General Motors Power Window Motor & Regulator Picture Illustrated Instructions for the Pontiac Grand Prix.

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Here are some more detailed pictures of the new motor and regulator being inserted into the frame behind the metal.

As I mentioned the motor goes in first and then the regulator follows.

The key to this part of the window motor & regulator swap is to have the glass at the optimum position so that the bolt holes on the regulator match up with the plastic mount on the window.

Whatever you do, just don't get frustrated and start banging around inside your door frame or you could end up with some cut wires or a convex ding in the outer door paint work.


Grand-Prix-Window-Motor-25 Grand-Prix-Window-Motor-26

The picture on the left shows the window resting on the regulator. As you can see, the bracket on the window is lined up with the arm on the regulator. Insert the first 10mm bolt but don't tighten it completely.

Grand-Prix-Window-Motor-27 Grand-Prix-Window-Motor-28

Above is the bolt on the right hand side of the regulator that secures the window in place. Be sure not to over tighten any of the bolts. I tightened them just slightly more than hand tight.

Grand-Prix-Window-Motor-29 Grand-Prix-Window-Motor-30

I snapped a picture of the Taiwanese symbols on the window motor just for fun. On the right you'll see that I re-applied the plastic to the door panel. I had already tested the window before doing that.

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