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Lake Alice Pictures - May 2006
A photo album from our visit to Lake Alice located on the University of Florida campus in Gainesville Florida.

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Large Alligator
Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-20 Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-21
Lake Alice Information Sign

Along the edge of Lake Alice on Museum Roda there is a large sign that offers advice about how to safely enjoy the lakeside experience.

It warns to "never, ever feed the alligators", keep small children away from the water, don't let your pets swim in or near the lake, and to not touch the alligators.

You would think that those things would be common sense but I guess some people don't realize how dangerous the alligators can be to humans and their domesticated animals.

The University of Florida and U.S. laws prohibit the feeding, molesting or approaching of alligators. Any alligator that attacks a person or pet is terminated by licensed trappers.

So when you visit Lake Alice or the University of Florida, try to keep the safety of both types of "Gators" in mind.

Never Feed Alligators!
Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-23 Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-24
Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-25 Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-26 Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-27
Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-28 Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-29 Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-30

Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-31 Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-32 Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-33
Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-34 Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-35 Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-36
Baby Alligator Video - Lake Alice, May 2006
Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-37 Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-38
Algae Information Pamphlet
Invasive Non-Native Plants

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