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Lincoln Park Zoo - Chicago, IL
Pictures from our trip to the free Lincoln Park Zoo located in Chicago, Illinois.

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Dwarf Mongoose

Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-047 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-048
Turtles Mating


Not every part of the Lincoln Park Zoo is free, so if you get hungry, want a souvenir, or are looking for a fun ride, part with a few bucks and help support the zoo.

For those with an animalistic hunger or a thirst that needs quenching, head over to one of the eateries that are spread out over the park, including the Safari Cafe, Big Cats Cafe, Eadie Levy's Landmark Cafe, Park Place Cafe, Cafe Brauer, and the Ice Cream Shoppe.

Once you're done getting a bite to eat, you can catch a ride on the Paddle Boats ($12 1/2 Hr.), LPZOO Children's Train ($2), AT&T Endangered Species Carousel ($2), or the African Safari Ride ($5).

If you visit Chicago often or if you're a "Windy City" resident, consider becoming a Lincoln Park Zoo member or join the "Adopt An Animal Program".

Patagonian Cavy
Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-050 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-051
Leaf Ants
Some of the benefits of becoming a Lincoln Park Zoo member include free parking (in some situations), exclusive members-only tours of the zoo, discounts on admission to other zoos around the United States, and discounts on food or drink items.
Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-052 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-053 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-054
Seals & Sea Lion Tank
Children's Zoo
Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-056 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-057
Water Fountain Sculpture
Penguin Habitat
Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-061 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-062
African Camels

Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-064 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-065 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-066
Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-067 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-068 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-069
Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-070 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-071
Polar Bear Swimming
Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-073 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-074 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-075
Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-076 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-077
Spectacled Bear
Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-079 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-080
European White Stork
Flower Garden

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