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Santa Barbara Whale Watching Sailboat Tour
Pictures From Our Trip Aboard The Sunset Kidd Whale Watching Sailboat

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In these first three pictures you can see the Giant California Grey whale surface and let out a breath of air with a large mist of Pacific Ocean water.

The first mate on the Sunset Kidd 2 then pointed out another pod of whales over on the other side of the boat.




Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-84 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-85 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-86

I highly recommend that anyone who visits Santa Barbara California go on a whale watching tour in the Pacific Ocean. If you want a nice relaxing and romantic experience, I recommend going on the Sunset Kidd 2 sailing yacht. If you'd rather be on a large whale watching motor boat then the Condor Express would be your choice.

Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-89 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-90 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-92

On the way back to the Santa Barbara marina, we just sat on the deck of the Sunset Kidd 2 and watched the sun going down on the horizon. I checked my watch and saw that we would get back to Stearns Wharf and the harbor just in time to jump in our rental car and head back to the hotel. We had made reservations at an Argentinean restaurant on State St. and I didn't want to be late. The restaurant, The Buenos Aires Cafe, was known for serving authentic Argentine style food.

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