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Santa Barbara Whale Watching Sailboat Tour
Pictures From Our Trip Aboard The Sunset Kidd Whale Watching Sailboat In Santa Barbara California

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After sailing quietly for a few minutes, the captain pointed out into the distance and we saw a Giant California Grey whale breathing out of it's blowhole with a big accompanying spray of water.

The first mate of the Sunset Kidd 2 whale watching tour sailing yacht took his position at the bow of the boat.

Almost immediately he pointed out some dolphins and another Giant California Gray whale.



Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-31 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-32 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-33

The continuous mode on my Canon Powershot SD110 digital camera allowed me to snap pictures in rapid succession. Most of them didn't come out too well and I deleted them. My camera only has a 2X optical zoom so I wasn't able to get close up pictures. I digitally zoomed and cropped the pictures of the dolphins and whales on the first page.

Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-34 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-35 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-37

Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-38 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-39 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-40

I had never been on a sailboat before so our ride upon the Sunset Kidd 2 sailing yacht was quite an experience. Even if we hadn't seen any whales or dolphins I still would have enjoyed our trip aboard the sail boat.

Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-41 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-42 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-43
Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-44 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-45 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-46
Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-47 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-48 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-49

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