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Santa Barbara Zoo Pictures
Photos from our trip to the Santa Barbara Zoo in sunny Santa Barbara California during our 2005 vacation.

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After enjoying the Santa Barbara Zoo's collection of birds we escaped the heat by going into the reptile and snake exhibit which was dark and cool. We got to see a few lizards, snakes, and spiders.

Golden Lion Tamarin Monkey


We then moved on to the Elephants, Turtles and Golden Lion Tamarin monkeys.

The Golden Lion Tamarin monkeys were quite humorous. When we walked past their cage they would duck away and then pop back up to see if we had passed, all while making little squeaking noises.

I took a video clip of these Tamarin monkeys making their silly sounds. I'll upload it to this page later.


Santa-Barbara-Zoo-31 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-32 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-33
Santa-Barbara-Zoo-34 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-35 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-36

The Giant Anteater habitat was next after the Golden Lion Tamarin monkeys. We were lucky enough to pass by during feeding time. A Santa Barbara Zoo employee came out with a dish full of some specially designed Giant Anteater food. It was fun seeing their bushy tails wiggle as they ate. The baby Giant Anteater was perched on top of its mother's back. He was a lazy little guy!

Santa-Barbara-Zoo-37 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-38
Giant Anteater
Cactus Picture

Santa-Barbara-Zoo-40 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-41
Cacti Garden

After the Giant Anteaters exhibit there was a grassy field that was flanked by a collection of exotic Cacti plants. One cactus at the Santa Barbara Zoo reminded me of an old Western movie that I used to watch as a child on HBO. The name escapes me but that type of cactus always triggers the memory.

Santa-Barbara-Zoo-43 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-44
Lion Habitat
Santa-Barbara-Zoo-46 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-47
Giraffe Picture

It was kind of sad to see that one of the Giraffe's had a kink in it's neck but the Santa Barbara Zoo giraffe handler informed the crowd that the giraffe was leading a perfectly normal life even with her neck deformity.

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