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Kayaking In Santa Barbara California
Pictures from our kayak rental adventure along the Santa Barbara California coast in the Pacific Ocean.

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We paddled our kayak closer and closer to the pelicans and most of them just stared at us, but a few of them felt the need to flap their large wings and fly off.

I saw one pelican gulping down some sort of food and it reminded me of my own hunger.

I wasn't about to ask him for a bite of whatever sea creature he was consuming so I dipped my paddle in the water and got us moving towards the kayak rental company's floating building.


Santa-Barbara-Kayaking-19 Santa-Barbara-Kayaking-20 Santa-Barbara-Kayaking-21
Pelican Flying Picture
Santa-Barbara-Kayaking-22 Santa-Barbara-Kayaking-23
"Point Sur" Yacht Picture

There were a variety of boats in the Santa Barbara marina ranging from tiny fishing boats to multi hull luxury yachts. It was interesting to see the humorous names that some people gave to their ships and also their exotic origins that were painted just below the ship's name.

Santa-Barbara-Kayaking-25   Santa-Barbara-Kayaking-26
Santa-Barbara-Kayaking-28 Santa-Barbara-Kayaking-29
Multi Hull Catamaran Boat

I glanced at my watch and saw that our kayak rental time was running out so we took a short cut under a large multi hull sailboat. The last picture is of my girlfriend looking back at me while we were under the yacht. I turned off the flash on my digital camera to create an interesting silhouette effect.

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